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Projected by authorities such as Forbes to reach $20 billion in sales by 2020, the legal Cannabis space is rewriting the entrepreneurial record books. The question is, how do you best implement your vision in this dynamic and ever-changing marketplace?

Your quest for success starts right here, allying with a trusted partner who can guide you through every aspect of a highly technical and regulated ecosystem where proven experience, consistency and science-based solutions are paramount. Providers of turnkey solutions in Colorado’s legal Cannabis industry, CannaGrow develops, designs and builds grow facilities as well as offers full staffing services led by a team of noted botanists, horticulturalists and industry pros. Our trusted skill-set puts us in an industry-leading position to help you get growing and earn the success you deserve.



We offer management, development, construction, staffing, entitlement process (permitting), research and other professional services to the legal Cannabis industry.

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An overview of how we put science, business acumen and rugged Rocky Mountain State resourcefulness to work creating winning strategies for successful legal Cannabis industry brands.

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