Snapshots from Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I

One year ago, at about this time, the CannaGrow Holdings team initiated the process of building Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I, also officially recognized as Recreational Marijuana Cultivation Facility 403R-00716 authorized by the Marijuana Enforcement Division of the State of Colorado.   Between November 2015 and July 2016 our crew worked diligently with general contractors and local laborers to build the facility from ground up. 

In late July 2016 we were granted the Certificate of Occupancy from the Huerfano County Government and at the same time our Licensed Grower, Category One Botanicals, LLC., initiated the administration of grow operations.  With operational and technical consulting support from Colorado State-licensed master growers provided by the CannaGrow Holdings Staffing Program, on July 28 Category One Botanicals planted their first major wave of Cannabis seeds followed by additional plantings in August.  In total, the crew sowed over 2500 seeds of numerous Cannabis strains to supply the seedlings required for the first production cycles. Simultaneously additional strains were introduced as rooted clones and together with seedlings they have been built into a massive vegetative propagation process that will supply most of the plant stock – via clones - for future production cycles.  

During August and early September 2016 all plants derived from seeds were thoroughly inspected to "weed" out male plants, some of which were saved in Bonsai form to produce future pollen for breeding purposes.  In total, about 45% of all seedlings were male, otherwise known as staminate plants in botanical terms because they are the plants that produce pollen from stamens.  Once pollinated, a female or pistillate plant "goes to seed," as some say.  Viable Cannabis flower product - or "buds" - contain few to preferably no seeds.  By removing the male plants in the population, the female plants invest most of their energy into flower production, which, in turn, produces bigger, thicker, more compact "buds."  

All the female plants that were derived from seeds are now in full flower production in the sunshine-driven greenhouses at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I.  From my perspective as a Botanist the fun has just started.  Each day the plants are being inspected and monitored for vegetative and flowering traits of interest, and individual plants are being selected for inclusion in the permanent genetic catalog through a cloning process. That genetic catalog now numbers approximately 50 Cannabis strains.  Some of the strains are already well known and drive a high demand on the legal recreational market.  Others are special "old school" land race or heritage strains that will be introduced to the legal Cannabis market in Colorado by Category One Botanicals as harvest and curing cycles commence in the coming weeks. 

We will keep you abreast of the discoveries and observations at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I through future entries in the CannaGrow Holdings Blog.  In posts like this one we will share photographs of plants and the characteristics that they exhibit. We will also provide updates regarding CannaGrow Holdings, Inc., and our partners such as Category One Botanicals, LLC, as well as information and news relevant to the Cannabis Industry.  

Enjoy the photographs below, shot today at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I, and please check back in for future blog posts!