Snapshots from Colorado Buffalo Ranch

The CannaGrow Holdings Staffing Program and Licensed Grower Category One Botanicals, LLC, are pleased to report that the first harvest season is on at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I - State-Licensed Marijuana Cultivation Facility 403R-00716.  Cannabis glands or crystals, botanically known as glandular "trichomes," are now gradually morphing from clear-translucent to opaque-amber, marking their maturation phase.  The diversity of fragrances being manifested from the maturing plants is fascinating, varying from turpentine-pine to grape, grapefruit, and other familar fragrances brought to us by the fruits of other members the flowering plant world.  The olfactory index would not be complete without the musky-skunk odors coming from a number of our strains, and there's even a hint of nutmeg-clove spice coming from the Ranger 2000 Series Greenhouses as plants are monitored on a daily basis toward harvest.

Despite being only three months into operations with an average of only one month or less of vegetative growth per plant, the results clearly demonstrate the quality of the State-of-the-Art Facility as well as the capacity of the Production Team led by seasoned botanical and horticultural experts and supported by local assistants who have become apprentices in the Legal Cannabis Industry in Huerfano County, Colorado.  This first harvest has enabled the Team to test and perfect not only the superior sunshine-driven grow environments, in-house living soil formulas, and water conditioning protocols - it has also provided them with the first chance to dial in the climate-controlled drying and curing environments designed by CannaGrow Staff.  Moreover, each week of the maturation process brings new surprises in terms of the genetic diversity of our Cannabis Strain Catalog.  For example, one exciting discovery points to the fact that our seed germination trials have resulted in several strains that are "short season," reaching maturity in only about eight weeks from point of initiation of the flowering cycles.  All such individual plants have been cloned and are now permanent members of our expanding strain bank.   

With this CannaGrow Blog post we decided to explore some of the options available within the website development toolkit.  The result, as follows, is our first interactive Slideshow presenting a a quick, random selection of photographs of maturing plants that resulted from the diverse seed lots planted in late July and early August 2016.  

We hope you enjoy the updates and we look forward to your feedback! More soon from Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I as we strive to keep you posted on our advances!