Snapshots from Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I

Time has slipped by since our last CannaGrow Blog post, so today we are here to update shareholders and other interested parties regarding recent advances by the company and collaborators at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I in Huerfano County, Colorado.  For more information, review the CannaGrow Projects page for a history of where the vision was born and what it took us to get to this point!  We have come a long way since barren ground this time last year!

This week marks four months of operations at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I, officially licensed as Recreational Marijuana Cultivation Facility #403R-00716.  After opening the facility in late July, the collaborative crew of the CannaGrow Staffing Program and Licensed Grower Category One Botanicals, LLC, dedicated their time during August and early September to pushing late-season vegetative growth cycles with the help of supplemental lighting. By mid-September, plants were transplanted to living soils in the seasonal, climate-controlled Ranger Series 2000 Greenhouses where they switched fast into flowering mode, triggered by the natural short-day light cycles of the Sun (i.e., <12 hours of sunlight per day).  By the last weeks of November, various short-season strains were "ripe" and ready for harvest, followed by longer-season strains into December.  

Upon harvest, the whole fresh plants are immediately weighed and then hung on wire racks in a large, well-ventilated, climate-controlled room of the Facility.  After 5-10 days or more, the flowers or nugget-form "buds" - leaves and all - are removed from the bone-dry stems and transferred directly to 2-5-gallon curing vessels.  Each day members of the crew open the vessels to agitate and turn the buds and the vessels are left open for short periods to promote aeration or "burping."  The curing process for each harvest batch lasts for about three weeks to a month, at which point the cured harvest batches are filtered through a 1/4" screen to separate "sugar shake and trim" from bud, creating two main products for packaging.  The resulting clean buds are quickly sorted for quality and size, checked for final hand-trimming needs, and then each harvest batch is sampled for analysis of potency, quality, and chemical profiles at a licensed Cannabis Laboratory.  Several days later the buds and "shake" are ready for packaging and distribution to licensed retail outlets in the State of Colorado.  

The first seasonal harvest cycle at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I is now complete and part of the focus has turned to post-harvest handling protocols.  For your enjoyment today we invite you to peruse the following slide show, which represents a random selection of different plants of various strains grown during the start-up phase at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I. In upcoming posts to the CannaGrow Blog, we will begin to highlight some of the final dried-cured products going to market through State-Licensed Grower Category One Botanicals, LLC, with logistical and technical support by the CannaGrow Staffing Program.  We will also provide image-rich updates about the progress of the massive first flowering cycle currently in progress in the Nexus Light Deprivation Greenhouse, as well as the high-throughput, perpetual propagation program.  

Have a great week, enjoy, and stay tuned for more updates to come!