CannaGrow Holdings, Inc. is committed to taking a leading role in transforming the legal Cannabis industry into a vital, responsible and profitable sector of the American economy. We work to evolve the space through best business practices, science-based solutions and a sustainable ethos to benefit our customers, investors and planet.

Our core values

Our core values include:

Science First: Our team of accomplished botanists, horticulturalists and industry professionals apply their decades of experience earned in the field and academia to implement tried and tested science-based solutions for measurable results.

Employ Best Business Practices: Guided by senior management deeply experienced in raising capital, managing funds, overseeing all facets of construction, permitting and staffing, we are diligent partners always focused on sustaining success.

Sow Sustainability: Common sense, science and respect for our natural resources guide our unwavering commitment to implementing practices such as sun and hybrid grows, utilization of natural, probiotic soils, and propagating our plants without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Locals Matter: We’re proud of being part of the Colorado legal Cannabis industry and when we’re working in various communities such as Pueblo, we employ as many local residents as possible to include them in the benefits of our industry.

Preserve Cannabis Genetics: We are active in safeguarding the future accessibility of Cannabis genetics to the community-at-large which has worked for decades refining and resourcing multiple seeds and strains without interference from outside interests looking to control and limit availability.

“The science-based approach we apply to every project means healthy soils, thriving plants and happy clients.”
— Dr. John Janovec, COO, CannaGrow Holdings, Inc.

cannagrow holdings, inc. corporate boilerplate

CannaGrow Holdings, Inc. participates in the Medical/Recreational Cannabis Industry as a Lessor, Liaison, and Consultant to licensed Growers providing them with turnkey Growing Facilities in the State of Colorado. The Company intends to expand this business model within the industry as business opportunities evolve providing proven expertise to clients and the highest return to shareholders.