When The Seeds Hit The Soil, There's No Room For Compromise:
Skill-Set And Deep Industry Roots Matter.

You’ll find a lot of talk and hyperbole in the Cannabis industry these days. But as the axiom goes, what really counts is when the rubber hits the road and (in our business) when the seeds hit the soil. That’s when performance matters. We’re proud to share our achievements earned through precise preparation and planning, hard work and an uncompromising focus on results. Our launch project, Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I  in Colorado’s Huerfano County, has exceeded even our high expectations and resulted in exceptional returns that have not only validated our exacting protocols and processes, but led immediately to additional inquiries and contracts.


COLORADO buffalo ranch FACILITY i -- Huerfano county, colorado

Following is a few of our facility highlights and a timeline of benchmarks at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I, Colorado’s first fully probiotic, ‘living soils’ grow operation where we employ a strict protocol of healthful, non-toxic methods to ensure only the cleanest yields. No chemical pesticides or fertilizer are ever used (eliminating pesticide issues) and we integrate a hybrid system of natural sunlight augmented by sophisticated supplemental lighting packages in state-of-the-art Nexus greenhouses to mitigate energy costs and produce exceptional results.

Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I Highlights:

  • 20-acre master lease option allows for the development of at least three more facilities
  • 10,000 sq. ft. of seasonal grow area managed in three Ranger Series 2000 Greenhouses
  • 3200-sq. ft. head house, the heart of the operation  with propagation nursery and genetic stock
  • 3300-sq. ft. Nexus Greenhouse with light deprivation capability provides for 12-month production cycle.

Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I Benchmarks:

  • May 2015: Design Plan/Application Package presented to Huerfano County Planning Commission
  • August - October 2015: Initial site preparation at Buffalo Ranch
  • October, November 2015: Extensive excavation, grading and foundation work as well as the initiation of the well drilling process
  • November 2015 - July 2016: Full build-out and team deployment to meet mid-summer deadline to secure Certificate of Occupancy
  • July 18, 2016: Success! Certificate of Occupancy secured from County authorities and Licensed Grower, Category One Botanicals, LLC, begins operations in conjunction with CannaGrow Staffing Program
  • July - August 2016: Clones and seeds planted in rapid succession to reach our limit of 1,500 plants achieved within the first month
  • Ongoing: We manage and operate a truly phenomenal, cutting-edge facility that brings together plant science, a passion for quality Cannabis and a results-focused business acumen to ensure our clients' success.
One of our Ranger Series greenhouses at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I where probiotic 'living soils' and SoCo sunshine make for a thriving grow operation.

One of our Ranger Series greenhouses at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I where probiotic 'living soils' and SoCo sunshine make for a thriving grow operation.