cannagrow services (Full description)

Facility Development

Proven pros when it comes to guiding our clients through the many logistical and regulatory considerations that must be resolved to succeed in our industry, the CannaGrow team is adept at assessing needs, mitigating risk and implementing smart solutions. Specifically, we are specialists in the design, permitting, development and construction of new state-of-the-art Cannabis cultivation facilities. A hallmark of our approach is the design of scalable operations that can nimbly grow and pivot production targets whether you’re a small grower or industrial powerhouse. Current projects are in operation and development in Colorado, but future plans call for our expansion to legal Cannabis markets in states such as California, Oregon and Washington. 

site management

Effective and proactive facility management is critical in successful grow operations. HVAC, electrical systems, water and lighting management, greenhouse maintenance, security and new build-outs are just some of the responsibilities that require expert oversight and troubleshooting. Our multi-disciplinary team with backgrounds as building contractors, commercial nursery managers, licensed Cannabis cultivation experts and other relevant roles brings unrivaled experience to ever project we undertake.

Staffing program

The ideal location and a state-of-the-art facility are of course mission critical in our industry. But having the right people onboard is what makes the difference between running a business and building a breakout success. CannaGrow is your trusted source for a multi-disciplinary team composed of noted botanists, horticultural experts and industry pros with the track records, academic degrees and hard-won experience necessary to deliver results in the highly competitive and regulated Cannabis space. Available to Licensed Growers, our Staffing Program enables us to step in and upgrade an operation on multiple levels including managing a facility, growing and harvesting plants, as well as assisting in the logistics of marketing and sales.